Materials about stream processing

While I didn't sign up to work in data analytics (the business intelligence part), I got into learning about streaming through a different paths: billing and monitoring.

It was somewhere in 2016 where I started realizing there's something deeper about contennt of database that changes over time. I was helping to maintain a billing system then, at it had a lot of problems where we had to guess what the state of the db was in the past to debug.

Fast forward to 2019 and I saw this paper. I have been following works by Tyler Akidau for a while, especially about this stream-table duality, so this looks like something very interesting.

A lot of things clicked together after reading it!

This page is dedicated to collect and curate materials that help develop this understanding about streaming systems. Thus, articles will be more academic (to understand concepts), rather than the how-to-run-X type of articles.

The list